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Really Quick Product Review - BMW 5W-30 to 0W-30 Oil Weight Change

If you drive a BMW and prefer to use genuine BMW Motor Oil for your oil change procedures, this video is for you. BMW has decided to phase out its 5W-30 weight in favor of the more versatile 0W-30 variant. In this video, Gareth Foley takes you through some things you can expect from this upcoming change.

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BMW E30 Drifts Through Turn 1 at 75MPH!


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Nike's Volkswagen ID. BUZZ Cargo - The Coolest Bus For A Budding Business?

Over its long history, the Volkswagen Type 2 bus has played an instrumental role in the early stages of many startup companies, including the humble beginnings of one of...

You Had Questions About Automotive Maintenance & Systems - We Answered Them

Here at FCP Euro, we get asked questions every day about common automotive systems and maintenance. The questions are typically straightforward, and range from simple to...

Beaten Up But Not Beaten Down - Mercedes-Benz E320 Estate

Not every project starts pristine or even how we expected it to. This story involves three different Mercedes-Benz vehicles, three different engines, and a whole lot of...

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The Difference Between BMW (N54, N63, S63) Index 12 Direct Fuel Injectors...


As of 3/26/2018, BMW has made it impossible to order #937 injectors unless the order was part of a warranty claim under a recall. FCP Euro can no longer source...

Bearded Ryno Rally Team - Build Update & Ojibwe Forests Rally Recap

It has been a few months since our last update on the BMW E36 M3 rally car and in that time, a ton of stuff has happened! We went from a bare shell in our last blog to a...

2021 BMW M3 Spied At The Nürburgring Sporting A New, Massive Grill

Even though the new BMW G80 M3 is sporting some heavy camouflage while running test laps around the Nordschleife, it's easy to see that the design is going to be far...

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