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LIQUI MOLY is one of the few full-range brands in the world with more than 4,000+ products to explore.


LIQUI MOLY was founded in 1957 in Ulm, Germany on the river Danube. The patent for the production of molybdenum disulfide formed the basis for the company. This additive based on liquified molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) was the company's first product and gave the company its name.

LIQUI MOLY's main product is motor oil with MoS2 molybdenum disulfide which enhances the lubrication quality of the oil and offers emergency operating protection under harsh conditions. It can be added to oils including gear oil, engine oil, transmission oil, or differentials oils.

Today, MoS2 is used in excess of 4,000 products: engine and gear oils, additives and vehicle care products, workshop equipment, and service products. In Germany, LIQUI MOLY is one of the leading producers of engine oils and is the undisputed market leader when it comes to additives. Germany remains the main marketplace, but LIQUI MOLY products are now sold in over 120 countries.

With LIQUI MOLY additives, you protect your motor, reduce your fuel consumption, and save cash. Our oil additives cleans the motor from the inside, minimizes friction and wear, reduces oil consumption, and protects against corrosion. They are suitable for both petrol and diesel motors and help to recreate the original performance of your vehicle motor.

This state-of-the-art, low-friction motor oil combines fully synthetic base oils and advanced additive technology. The powerful MFC (Molecular Friction Control) technology prevents the formation of deposits while simultaneously reducing frictional losses in the engine. This unique synergetic effect provides the optimum protection from wear and a flawless running engine. Improvements can be seen in reduced fuel consumption and extended service life for the engine. The advanced oil engineering is further underlined by the distinguished green florescent color.

Specially developed high-performance, low-friction engine oil for year-round use. The combination of synthetic base oils and advanced additive technology, as well as the special Molygen additive, ensures that the engine oil is of low viscosity and has a high shear stability and reliably prevents the formation of deposits, significantly reducing frictional losses in the engine and providing the optimum protection from wear.

We built a line of oil change kits featuring LIQUI MOLY oil. With one click, get everything you need to complete your next oil change with the high-quality items your car deserves. All our items, including oil, are covered by our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee so when you're done, send it back for a free replacement kit.

Gearbox oils from LIQUI MOLY meet even the most extreme requirements. They reduce wear and ensure good friction behavior, as well as optimum viscosity, even under high temperatures to maximize your gear's service life.


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"Made the switch from Castrol 0w-40 and never looked back! Don't need to top off between oil changes anymore and the motor runs much quieter and smoother. I highly recommend this oil!"

Customer - Nick L.

"A+ great stuff. Makes DSG shift like new."

Customer - Charles G.

"Good stuff! When used in my BMW 530, engine is quieter than BMW branded oil. I also use LM in Mercedes autos as this specific oil is 229.5 approved. FCP is usually $7-8 less than anyone else. Highly recommend the product and FCP!"

Customer - Rick H.