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FCP Euro x Formula Drift PROSPEC

FCP Euro is all about DIY. Whether it's out of necessity or love, we know what it's like to get your hands dirty under the hood. Nothing exemplifies the DIY ethic like drifting. It's a grassroots motorsport that you do because you love it, and because you can't imagine doing anything else. The long hours, the thrash to get to the event, it's all part of the lifestyle. You build it, you break it, you fix it, then do it all over again, many times in the same weekend.

At FCP Euro our goal is to help all European car owners have a more enjoyable and enduring ownership experience - whether that's the car you have in the garage for your daily commute or the one you have out on the track. With the FCP Euro Cup, we're supporting the next generation of up and coming pro-drifters who are making the leap from the regional grassroots level to the national stage with Formula Drift PROSPEC. This isn't just a few stickers or free parts, we're putting real money into the pockets of PROSPEC competitiors in 2022.  



  • All 2022 Formula Drift PROSPEC drivers running a European chassis are eligible

  • $1000 in total contingency rewards for the top-three finishing Euro chassis at every round

  • Pro driver and former champion Michael Essa will be helping FCP Euro CUP Drivers with chassis, set up, and more

  • $10,000 cash Grand Prize for the top-finishing Euro chassis in the championship.

The FCP Euro Drift Taxi

Follow along as professional drifter and bad-ass car builder Michael Essa takes a mundane daily driver BMW 340i, and turns it into an 800hp fire-breathing, tire-burning beast. All in just 5 months. 



FCP Euro has partnered with Formula Drift champion, race car builder, driver, and all-around modern-day legend Michael Essa, since 2020. With his 1000 horsepower E46 M3, Essa's is the only BMW chassis competing at the top level of Formula Drift that still has a BMW engine sitting under the hood. Always ready to lend a hand to fellow competitors, he's a perfect fit for FCP Euro.

Michael Essa will compete in the full 2022 FD season, plus make appearances with the FCP Euro drift taxi at GRIDLIFE Midwest Festival, Circuit Legends, and Alpine Horizon. 

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